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Esposizione presso Riva Giardini

  • Sunday, 11 December 2016

ESPOSIZIONE PERMANENTE ALL'APERTO Presso Riva Giardini S.p.A.- Via Brianza 2 - Lurago D'Erba (CO)


Pieralberto Filippi attended the artistic environment of Monza 60s, privately cultivates pictorial interests perfecting to the school P. Borsa of Monza.The Interest for the shape and especially for volumes, expressed in his paintings, led him toward the sculpture at the beginning of the 2000s.

Participates in several sculpture symposiums addressing first the low relief and then the all-around, transforming the figures of his paintings into sculptural works.After these experiences, he decided to continue on the road of sculpture experimenting different materials, like wood, bronze, marble and finally the corten steel.

Sara Fontana wrote that “sign and volume” are the keys to read the art of Pieralberto Filippi. This is true, but we must add that both these elements are coming by the syntax of his curved lines that tends to be declined according blunt angles with different degrees. It is a line that wraps but does not assume the force of asphyxiating spirals, his lines wrap you without imprisoning.

His sculpture, and particularly the recent one, is built on the binomial plasticity, the result is not only a relationship between the quantity of empty and full, but a quality relationship between two figures moving into the slits of the space in a dialogue between them and the observer.